What our customers are saying…

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Every phone call my staff doesn’t have to personally answer provides more time to devote to our in-house guests. Amazing service.

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Chuck Kane
Lucky Strike Lanes & Sally’s Diner
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I love how we can turn Call Concierge on and off in seconds based on how busy we are. My staff loves it and customers appreciate how fast the service responds to their request.

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Lisa Malgrove
Lebanese Taverna
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We get more done. Adding The Call Concierge boosted morale because the hosts are no longer distracted with deciding to respond to our customers on hold or those in front of them.

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Dan Tufts
Buffalo Wing Factory
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Most of the easy questions that take up a lot of time are now handled with our The Call Concierge. Just giving directions or taking phone orders was a distraction. Our customers like it.

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Yana Alekseeva
Blackfinn Ameripub